About Moose Lucas

Moose Lucas is a musician from Minnesota. Moose uses music to process and understand the world at large, writing songs about death, lost friendships, climate change, jellyfish, and finding hope within yourself in the face of adversity and change.

His musical interests don’t stop with writing and performing music. Moose is currently studying to be an audio producer and engineer, and will be working with other artists in the near future to help their creative aspirations come to fruition.

Here’s the Spotify pre-save link for his debut EP Hope Is A Burning Rage!


Let’s make something together.

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[Chorus I] Throw it on the pyre and watch it glow Given the chance I would be better Jump off the high dive and let go I can’t swim but I would follow [Verse I] Fields of goldenrod, groves of hemlock Rolling earth leading to locked doors Just a couple blocks from my home in … Continue reading Better

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